Who are we and why we are Fantastic!

Fantastic Storage is part of Fantastic Services. We are a service provider that offers storage to both commercial and residential customers. We provide convenient pick-up and delivery of the belongings upon the request of the customers. All belongings are stored at a secure storage facility that is monitored 24/7 and it is properly maintained to ensure proper storage.

The Fantastic DNA

  • 1. The most convenient storage service

    We ensure the best possible conditions for storage at our storage facility. But we also take care of picking up your belongings and transporting them safely to storage. You can get them back anytime you like with a convenient delivery carried out by us.

  • 2. Fantastic 360 degrees happiness philosophy

    Our philosophy entails your complete satisfaction. We bring you a convenient storage service that has been optimised every step along the way. And we are able to guarantee your complete satisfaction thanks to systemised service provision and the collaborative effort of a team of experts.

  • 3. Technology where it counts and heart where it matters

    The best part about using Fantastic Storage as your service provider is that we have made our services to be easily accessible through groundbreaking real-time availability technology. This means that at any time you can check our availability and book the soonest available appointment.

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