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  • Fully insured service
  • Easy to arrange
  • Working seven days a week
  • Ideal storage conditions
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How to arrange your luggage storage service in London

  • Open our online booking form and enter your local postcode.

  • Specify exactly what you will be storing and for how long.

  • We will send a team to collect your luggage and take it to storage.

Why choose Fantastic Storage for your luggage storage service

Safe storage facility – You will be pleased to learn that our storage facility is being guarded and monitored 24/7. This is how we ensure the safety of your luggage and any other belongings that you might wish to store with us.

Convenient collection and delivery – You might be puzzled over how your luggage gets to our storage facility. No worries, this is something that we will take care of. Simply specify the collection address and we will send a removals team to your address. They will take your luggage and take it to our storage facility.

Storage for luggage of all shapes and sizes – We have enough space and storage containers at our storage facility so the amount of luggage that you’d like to store does not bother us. We will distribute your luggage properly among the storage containers, meaning you will pay the optimal amount for the service.

Conditions perfect for storing luggage – We are so dedicated to providing the best possible storage service in London that we even track the humidity and temperature in our storage facility. This way we can be sure that the stored belongings won’t be affected by mould. Also, our storage facility regularly undergoes pest control to make sure that rodents and pesky insects won’t be a problem.

Fully insured – We are covered by insurance. The removals team has public liability insurance so your luggage is covered during transportation. However, our storage facility also benefits from insurance. We are covered against fire, flooding, etc. In all cases, you can be certain that no matter what happens you are fully protected.

What to expect from your luggage storage service

Collection of your luggage – When the time for your service comes, we will send a removals team to the specified address to collect the luggage. They will load everything on their van and take your luggage to our secure storage facility where it will remain for the period that you have booked.

Storage period – Your luggage will be placed in special storage containers that are designed for optimal storage conditions. The containers are spacious and they can be filled with lots of luggage. The number of containers that will have to be used depends on the amount of luggage that you’d like to store.

Take care of your business – During the storage period, you won’t have to worry about your luggage. It will be stored securely so your peace of mind is guaranteed. Meanwhile, you can take care of whatever it is that you are dealing with. And when the time comes, you can recall your luggage to any address that you like.

Get your luggage back – When it is time to get your luggage back, the removal team will deliver it to your address. They will take it out of storage, load it on their van and proceed to transport it to your address. Soon your luggage will be with you once again.

Frequently asked questions

Is your storage facility suitable for luggage storage?

Yes, the storage facility is perfect for storing anything, including luggage. We keep it clean and well-maintained. We even track the temperature and humidity to ensure that mould won’t develop.

Is luggage going to get dirty during transportation or storage?

No, the removals and storage staff will handle your luggage with extreme care. They will make sure that you will receive your luggage back in the exact same condition as you left it.

For how long can I store my luggage?

You can store your luggage for as long as you need to. When you book the service, you can specify the exact duration. And you can receive your luggage back at any time.

What if something happens to my luggage?

First of all, it won’t. Or at least, the chances are very slim. Because we handle all belongings of customers with great care. Also, our storage facility is quite secure. But even in case of an accident, we have insurance coverage.

How will I get my luggage back from storage?

We will deliver it to you. Simply specify the delivery address and the removals team will bring your luggage to your place.

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