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How to arrange your removals and storage service in London

  • Open our online booking form and enter your local postcode.

  • Specify all service details and finalise your booking.

  • We will send a removals team to your address to take your belongings to storage.

What makes our removals and storage services in London fantastic

Convenient property removals – We are proud to provide one of the most convenient and well-arranged property removals services. Everything is planned carefully and the removals of furniture, belongings, and boxes of domestic items are swiftly collected and loaded on a spacious transportation van.

Full-range removal services – There is so much more that we can do for you in terms of removals. For starters, we can provide you with packing materials. This way you can make your belongings easy to transport. We can also help you with the packing process. And what about those bulky furniture items? Yes, we can disassemble them and make them easy to transport as well.

Experienced removals staff – We are also so very proud of the removals and storage staff. They are experienced and dedicated professionals who make sure that every service and interaction with customers goes according to plan. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, always delivering a smooth and seamless experience, making sure your home move is pleasant and stress-free.

Clean and safe removal vans – The vans we use for property removals are kept clean and well-maintained. They are spacious enough and can be filled with lots of furniture and boxes of belongings. They are also perfect for the transportation of professional equipment, home appliances, computers, office equipment, musical instruments and anything else you can think of.

Secure storage facility – The storage facility that we use to store your belongings is under surveillance 24/7. The facility is also staffed all the time and access to the storage area is restricted. Also, the facility is kept clean and it is often treated against common pests such as roaches and rats. We even track the humidity and the temperature to ensure that mould won’t develop.

How does our removals and storage service work

Arrange your removals service – Use our convenient online booking form to set up your home removals service. Configure all the details and finalise your booking. Once you set everything, all that would be left for you is to await the arrival of the removals team.

Meet the removals team – Based on your service demands, we will send a removals team with a suitably sized van for the job. Please make sure to provide them with access to your property so they could collect all the belongings that you want to be taken to storage. The team will handle all the heavy lifting. With their strength and resilience, the professionals will load all your belongings on their removal van and take them to our secure storage facility.

Storage period – Your belongings will remain in storage for as long as you need. They will be placed in special storage containers. Only your belongings will be put in said containers, they won’t share space with the belongings of other customers. This way we ensure that things won’t get mixed up.

Take care of your business – During the storage period, you can take care of your business and arrange the matters surrounding your new residence where your belongings will be taken eventually. You can be calm that your belongings in storage are kept safe and secure – we will make sure of that.

Get your belongings back – And finally, when it is time to get your belongings back from storage, we will task one of the available removal teams to load your stuff on their van and take them to the specified address. They will make sure that your belongings will be conveniently placed indoors. After that, you can peacefully handle the unpacking.

Frequently asked questions

Who will take my belongings to the storage facility?

We will send a removals team to the pick-up address. They will load your belongings in their van and take them to the storage facility.

Is the storage facility secure?

Yes. The storage facility where your belongings will be stored is guarded and monitored 24/7. Only staff members have access to the storage area.

How are my belongings going to be stored?

Your belongings will be placed in individual storage containers. Only your belongings will be stored in said containers.

For how long can my belongings stay in storage?

For as long as you need. You can book storage for one week or one month, it’s up to you.

How will I get my belongings back from storage?

When you want to retrieve your belongings, we will deliver them to the address that you specify. A removals team will be tasked to load your belongings in a van and they will deliver them to you.

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